Sustainability In Action

Sustainability In Action

At Home Apartments not only cares about your home but our home planet as well. We strongly believe that it is our collective responsibility to preserve our planet.  From the rooftop of a community, down to your living room, we are focused on sustainability. From solar innovation to green landscaping, we are working towards creating a better world for generations to come.  Below are just a few of the ways we are creating a better tomorrow.

– Solar Innovation

– Smoke-free

– Low Flow Shower Heads And Toilets

– LED Lighting

– Bike Parking And Storage

– Motion Detection Lighting

– Technologically Advanced Boilers For Heating

– Recycling Centers

In 2016, we took a bold step into solar thermal systems. A 148kW solar project was installed at CityVue Apartments in Eagan, MN. This was the largest investment in renewable energy at any multi-housing site in Minnesota. Since then, we’ve installed more than 526kW onto 14 buildings.

Housing is one of the top sources of CO2 emissions, meaning we have ample opportunity to make a difference. We do our best to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible. Our urban properties are located near transportation hubs, and we replace building materials with environmentally friendly products, along with energy-efficient upgrades.

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