How To Apply for an Apartment

Looking to rent an apartment? We’re here to help! Here is our quick guide on what you can expect when you apply for an At Home Apartments home. By understanding the process and doing a bit of preparation, the road to having your application processed can be an easy one!  Gather Your Documents in Advance One of the key factors in expediting the application process is having all necessary documents ready beforehand. Ensure you have your pay stubs and other income-related documents readily available. This proactive approach speeds up the process and ensures your application's accuracy. Essential Information for Your Application When filling out your application, be prepared to provide detailed information such as previous addresses, vehicle and pet details, employment history, social security number, and emergency contact information. Having these details at your fingertips will help streamline the process. Verification Procedures Once you've submitted your application, rest assured that we'll diligently review the information provided....

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It Snow Problem

Bird in Winter

Winter in Minnesota is a beautiful time of year. The beauty sometimes outweighs the challenges, but - driving can quickly become hazardous. And parking in Minneapolis and St. Paul used to be a hassle...

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Living in History

Brownstone building

Historic Brownstone apartments require TLC and a level of understanding for the person lucky enough to dwell in one. We own and manage over 20 turn-of-the-century buildings in Saint Paul which sort of makes us brownstone experts. ...

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