10 Reasons to Rent

10 Reasons to Rent

1. Professional Management Team

At AHA, we pride ourselves on our experienced team members who are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the rental process. From helping you find the perfect home to ensuring your time in your rental property is seamless, our professional management team is here to assist you.

2. Amenities

Our properties offer access to premier amenities designed to enhance your lifestyle. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art gym, relaxing patios, vibrant game rooms, or spacious entertaining kitchens and event spaces, we provide amenities that cater to your needs and interests.

3. Budget Control

Renting with At Home Apartments means more predictable costs and fewer financial surprises. With no repair fees or property taxes to worry about, you can better control your budget and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your monthly expenses are stable.

4. Low Maintenance

Our professionally trained maintenance teams are dedicated to promptly addressing any maintenance needs that may arise, ensuring that your living environment remains comfortable and hassle-free. Plus, with no snow or lawn care responsibilities, you can spend more time enjoying your home.

5. Community

Engage with your community and make new friends through our fun and exciting community events. From social gatherings to trying out new activities, our community events provide opportunities for connection and enjoyment.

6. Lower Utility Costs

Our apartments feature many energy efficiencies. By limiting the amount of non-useful square footage and focusing on the parts of your floor plan that matter most, we have designed our properties with efficiency in mind, providing you the opportunity to save on your monthly bills.

7. Lower Entry Fees

With At Home Apartments, the upfront costs of renting are affordable and straightforward. Our standard deposit is $400, our administrative fee is $200, and our application fee is $55 per adult. Additionally, pet owners will find our pet deposit and fee reasonable, making renting with us a financially accessible option.

8. Reduced Liability

Renting with AHA means reduced liability for you. We don’t require insurance, alleviating that cost burden, and as the property manager, we take responsibility for any issues that may arise with the property, providing you with added peace of mind.

9. Wide Range of Options

From cozy studio apartments to spacious three-bedroom townhomes, our diverse selection of rental properties caters to a wide range of needs and preferences. Whatever your lifestyle or requirements may be, we have a home that fits.

10. Flexibility

With our initial 12-month lease and subsequent month-to-month options, you’ll enjoy the flexibility to adapt to life’s changes without the constraints of homeownership. Whether you’re pursuing a new job opportunity or exploring a new city, renting with At Home Apartments allows you to make changes with ease and convenience.