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Pet-Friendly Apartments

At Home Apartments believes that pets are an integral part of your family. Whether it’s the joyous wagging of a dog's tail or the gentle purring of a cat, pets bring unique and irreplaceable comfort to our lives. That’s why we are committed to providing a pet-friendly living environment that ensures both you and your furry friends feel right at home. We understand that pet ownership comes with its own set of needs which is why we offer a range of amenities designed specifically with your pets in mind*: Pet Washing Stations: Convenient pet washing stations make bath time a breeze—no more messy bathtubs! Pet Play Areas: Safe and secure play areas where your pets can run, play, and make new furry friends. Walking Trails: Discover beautiful, well-maintained walking trails right outside your home, perfect for a stroll with your pet. Pet-Friendly Events: We love to host pet photo contests...

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Navigating Your Rental Home Search: Virtual Tours

In the ever-evolving landscape of finding your perfect home, virtual tours have emerged as a powerful tool, offering a multitude of benefits to apartment hunters. At Home Apartments is dedicated to facilitating a seamless rental experience and we recognize the importance of providing resources that make your search easier. Enter the virtual tour!  1. Convenience is Key Virtual tours offer unmatched convenience, allowing you to explore rental properties without geographical or time constraints. By simulating physical visits, they eliminate the need for multiple in-person tours, enabling you to evaluate properties efficiently from the comfort of your couch. It's a time-saving solution that keeps the quality of your search high. Get the feel of what it would be like to live in a historic studio apartment here. 2. Tour Anywhere Ease of access is central to our virtual tour experience, seamlessly integrated into our website for easy access from any device....

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How To Apply for an Apartment

Looking to rent an apartment? We’re here to help! Here is our quick guide on what you can expect when you apply for an At Home Apartments home. By understanding the process and doing a bit of preparation, the road to having your application processed can be an easy one!  Gather Your Documents in Advance One of the key factors in expediting the application process is having all necessary documents ready beforehand. Ensure you have your pay stubs and other income-related documents readily available. This proactive approach speeds up the process and ensures your application's accuracy. Essential Information for Your Application When filling out your application, be prepared to provide detailed information such as previous addresses, vehicle and pet details, employment history, social security number, and emergency contact information. Having these details at your fingertips will help streamline the process. Verification Procedures Once you've submitted your application, rest assured that we'll...

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10 Reasons to Rent

1. Professional Management Team At AHA, we pride ourselves on our experienced team members who are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the rental process. From helping you find the perfect home to ensuring your time in your rental property is seamless, our professional management team is here to assist you. 2. Amenities Our properties offer access to premier amenities designed to enhance your lifestyle. Whether it's a state-of-the-art gym, relaxing patios, vibrant game rooms, or spacious entertaining kitchens and event spaces, we provide amenities that cater to your needs and interests. 3. Budget Control Renting with At Home Apartments means more predictable costs and fewer financial surprises. With no repair fees or property taxes to worry about, you can better control your budget and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your monthly expenses are stable. 4. Low Maintenance Our professionally trained maintenance teams are dedicated to promptly addressing any...

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Fitness at AHA

In the dynamic landscape of modern living, finding the perfect balance between work, leisure, and wellness is essential. At Home Apartments understands the importance of supporting a well-rounded lifestyle, which is why many of our properties boast the incredible perk of onsite fitness centers. Imagine having the convenience of a fully-equipped fitness center just steps away from your front door! These onsite studios are not just spaces with exercise equipment; they are curated environments designed to inspire residents to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're an early riser looking for an energizing morning workout or someone who prefers to unwind with an evening session, our fitness centers cater to diverse schedules. Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships and time-consuming commutes to fitness facilities — our onsite fitness centers provide the ultimate convenience, saving you time and money while promoting your overall well-being. From state-of-the-art cardio machines to...

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2023: A Year In Review

Join us as we reflect on a truly successful year, marked by new beginnings, completed renovations, and heartfelt employee celebrations. BIG PROJECTS Explore these exciting new chapters of growth as we delve into the projects that blossomed throughout 2023. The Preserve at Stone Gate: Breaking ground in March 2023, The Preserve at Stone Gate has already begun welcoming its first residents. Nestled in Saint Cloud, this new townhome development is unfolding in phases, with the first 36 homes slated for completion by March 2024. Boasting crisp white cabinetry, luxurious flooring, open main-floor living, and generously sized bedrooms with upscale ensuites, these homes embody modern comfort and style, marking a new era in sophisticated living. Rivers Bend Cottage Homes: Springing to life in March of this year, Rivers Bend Cottage Homes in St. Joseph, MN, opened its doors to welcome residents. Over the course of the year, we've witnessed...

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