Solar at CityVue

Solar at CityVue

On August 23, 2016 we participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first of our 14 solar panel installations. Partnering with Innovative Power Systems, we plunged head-first into the world of solar energy. Our president, Alan Spaulding, was one of the speakers at the event and shared a little bit of the history behind the CityVue Apartments project.

“First I would like to give special thanks to Eric Pasi and all of the good people at Innovative Power Systems for delivering an awesome product on budget and ahead of schedule. Not only are they true professionals, but for twenty years they have dedicated their lives to improving planet earth by implementing solar energy – a truly worthy cause.

Next I would like to thank the City of Eagan for their continued support. At Home Apartments was founded in 1990, 26 years ago, with the purchase of an apartment building right here in Eagan. Today At Home Apartments owns 530 apartment units in Eagan, and we have enjoyed a positive relationship with the City for all 26 years. The apartment tower behind you, and the future home of 122 apartments in front of you (referring to the new CityVue South project scheduled for 2017-18) is one of the most forward thinking apartment projects ever developed in Minnesota. It does not include the expansive sprinklered lawns, the ocean of asphalt parking, detached garages, or huge floor plans that are actually required by code in many suburbs. In addition to the solar component here at CityVue, our project is environmentally friendly because:

  1. It has zero asphalt surface parking. All parking is either in the ramp or underground. Impervious surfaces are at an absolute minimum and all roof surfaces are white to reduce run-off and decrease the urban heat island effect.
  2. Rather than sending the tower behind you to the landfill as was intended, the City of Eagan lobbied for its’ re-purposing into housing.
  3. Dense housing here at CityVue on a couple of acres close to shopping, parks, public transportation and other public amenities allows nature to remain nature further out in the suburbs and beyond.
  4. Smaller floor plans in this development require less energy to heat and cool. More living space is utilized in the form of public spaces such as a rooftop deck and fitness center in the tower and the planned swimming and recreation area on the extension of the parking ramp. These smaller apartment units with larger public spaces foster a sense of community and they encourage an active lifestyle while reducing our carbon footprint.

I commend the City of Eagan staff, Mayor and City Council for their support of this development. Although it doesn’t fit into the current suburban building code box, it is light years ahead in terms of green development.

This solar array is an example of how companies and individuals can make meaningful contributions to preserve our planet and improve our communities. I challenge each of you to please join At Home Apartments in trying to lead a more responsible lifestyle at home and at work each day.”  – Alan Spaulding, President of At Home Apartments, LLC

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